Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris managed to turn around a poor performance to get Atlanta FaZe through hosts Toronto Ultra.

FaZe won all three of the respawn maps in the series, managing to send Ultra to the lower bracket.

The team came out to boos from the Toronto crowd, as perhaps expected by the roster.

aBeZy told The Rotation: “Every Major we’re at, we get booed. We’re used it. We just use it as motivation.

“We’re very confident. In everything that we did in that series except the SnD. We’ll go into the next series confident.”

They’ll now have to go into a match against either Minnesota Rokkr or LA Thieves in the second round of the upper bracket.

Lack of passion

aBeZy also admitted that the FaZe team have struggled with passion over the last two stages.

He said: “Ever since we were reverse swept by OpTic in Major 1, we’ve had a lack of passion in matches.

“That was the last time we got hyped. Our team thrives on that and after that, we never brought the passion like that anymore.

“We know that we have to be in it more and when we shit on someone, we have to let them know.

“Now in matches, we’re getting hype again and it’s really good for us.”

In that series, they lost a vital Tuscan Control map against Texas. They lost it by a single round, 3-2.

That exact map was the one that went the way of them in the series against Toronto. They reverse swept the map against Toronto to swing the series completely in their favour.

FaZe then backed it up with a Hardpoint win on the same map.

aBeZy added: “Cell said, ‘Guys if we win this offence, we win the game’. We knew that if we could get them to burn the streak then we could go on to win the map and we did.

“Closing it out on that note, especially during the Tuscan, we thought that if we did well on the Church hill then we knew we’d have a great chance to win the map.”

Pharris started out slowly in the series, going 1/7 on the Desert Siege Search.

He then dropped 43 kills on Tuscan Control to take over the entire series.

He said: “I believe I was playing way too fast in the first few maps. In SnD, our whole team went through it.

“They were playing the map really well, there was nothing we could do. I slowed it down and it improved.”

They will now go on to face either LA Thieves or Minnesota Rokkr in the second round of the upper bracket.

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