The second ACCL LAN event in in the works. It is now formally announced for the weekend of July 16.

That is just one week after the Challengers LAN event in Boston as part of the Call of Duty League Major 4.

The event will happen at Newcastle United’s stadium, St James’ Park. This venue is a significant step up from the Sheffield “Lava Esports Centre” that hosted the first one at the start of May.

There will be capacity for over 1000 spectators in Newcastle, with spectators required to buy passes to attend the event.

They are more than reasonable price-wise though. It’ll cost just £20 for a spectator to attend both the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

Team passes are also going to be available to purchase from tomorrow (May 21).

Those sales will be taken care of by the ACCL admin team, and will take place in the organisation’s discord.

Team passes will cost £300 for a team of four to attend the event and play. A minimum of 32 team passes are available.

More details will be revealed closer to the date of the event. With just under two months to go until it’s scheduled to take place, there is plenty of time to organise.

The ACCL will also be sourcing its own equipment for the event this time around, rather than relying on an already established set-up.

The prize pool is also yet to be announced but with such a long time to go until the next event, there’s plenty of time for an announcement like that.

All that will be running through the heads of the organisers is that they will want the event to run smoothly.

ACCL Sheffield still hasn’t finished, with day one of play in the Steel City being completely hampered by technical issues. There will not be a limit of stations in Newcastle for the event to run on.

The Sheffield event will finish this weekend, with the winners taking home £3,000.

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