London Royal Ravens are now [4-0] in Major 4 qualifiers, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Marcus “Afro” Reid.

His utterly sensational performance on Bocage Search and Destroy in Map 2 was the highlight of the series.

Afro put up a frankly ridiculous 16/5 K/D in Map 2. That is the second most that any player has gotten in a single map of SnD in the Vanguard season.

It’s also just one shy of the record, 17, currently held by Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez.

The first map of the series was a crazy Gavutu Hardpoint. London managed to take the lead in the contest by just three points, winning the map 250-247.

That result fell their way also down to the efforts of Afro. He dived into the point on the third rotation of P1 with an epic slide cancel. It caught Chris “Simp” Lehr completely unaware and it managed to let him break the hill for the last second needed to get the win.

FaZe fought back in the third map of the series. Berlin Control has been one of their stronger maps recently and it proved to be the case once again.

Atlanta took the map with a clean 3-0 sweep. London had to fend off any potential reverse sweeps from the Final Boss of the Call of Duty League.

Tuscan tussle

The series went to Tuscan for Map 4. It was another crazy affair between the two teams.

Yet another Hardpoint went right down to the wire with the two teams competing right up to a third rotation once again.

London managed to make the narrow wins fall in their favour yet again though, winning the map 250-240.

Even with Afro’s dominance of the series, Joey “Gismo” Owen was the Raven who dropped the most kills in the match. He put down a solid 85 during the four maps between the two teams.

London finally look to be back to the level that they were at during the opening stages of the season, they are a scary prospect heading into the Major 4 tournament and to Champs.

London’s last game of qualifiers before the Major 4 tournament will be against Los Angeles Guerrillas later on this weekend.

If they win against LAG, they will secure their Champs qualification.

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