Ali (@aliiszn) has been removed from the EU Challengers blacklist after two months. He has been “cleared” of any accusations of cheating.

Lewis “LewTee” Todd, who governs the Gentlemen’s Agreement and blacklist, announced Ali’s return Twitter.

The original decision to blacklist Ali was made after his team placed T6 in Challengers Cup #7. It was deemed to be an unrealistic result for his squad.

He was then blacklisted from competing in further Challengers events, events which he is now free to return to.

LewTee’s Twitter statement said: “Effective immediately, @aliiszn will now be removed from the EU blacklist.

“I do not regret my decision in blacklisting him based on the lack of information and inconsistencies at the time.

“Ali has since cleared all loose ends and I am now confident in saying that he has never cheated.”

Ali will now be able to compete in this weekend’s Challengers Cup, should he find himself a team to compete with.

After the news came out about Ali being added to the blacklist, there were horrid bouts of racial abuse aimed towards him. Abuse that is absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances.

He quickly reacted to the news of his own return on Twitter.

He said: “F*** everyone that switched  up. You all look so f****** stupid.

“[There are] so many people praying on my downfall, make sure that you keep that same energy.”

Even TacticalRab, who covers all kinds of gossip in the Call of Duty community covered the fact that Ali was blacklisted.

Perhaps Rab now owes Ali an apology of some sort? Who knows.

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