The ACCL have launched an APAC (Asia-Pacific) version of their Super League in order to provide playing opportunity to some of the top players in the region.

The APAC version of the league will be called “The ACCL Major League”.

Without an equivalent to the Challengers Elite series in the region, the ACCL have seen the gap of competition and plugged it.

The competition starts on May 30 and will contain 10 of the 16 best teams in the APAC region.

Teams include:

Point Blank (formerly Renegades)
VOID Collective
1620 Kings

And many more names to be announced.

The competition will have a $1,200+ prize pool for the teams to compete for. That’s just $300 shy of what the APAC region compete for in their Cups.

Changing format will also be welcome to the teams as they move to try to compete more often and at a  higher level.

The region has so much untapped potential, demonstrated by the fact that Amer “Pred” Zulbeari has come into the Call of Duty League this season and torn it up.

There will be a mix of European and APAC casting talent for the tournament with ACCL regulars Major Chafing, Pablo Casts and Jacko Casts all involved.

1620Kings CEO Acethem will also be involved with casting, as will Narski.

Joe Preston, ACCL founder, told The Rotation: “We found that the APAC region had some great talent but with very limited opportunity.

“We had some discussions with some of the top players. Players like Justin “Fergz” Ferguson, Rory “Cruze” Hunn and Aaron “Lymax” Butcher.

“All to gain an understanding of what they would like us to try and do. We went away and we’ve done it.”

The APAC region now have the full support of the ACCL and it would be foolish to rule out further expansion in the region.

Preston added: “We are having conversations with some globally recognised brands regarding APAC sponsorship.

“It’s time that we take the ACCL up a notch higher than we have ever been before.

“We want to give the APAC region the platform and the opportunities that they deserve.”

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