Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson is set to sign for the Los Angeles Guerrillas for the MW2 season, according to multiple reports.

First reported by Jacob Hale of Dexerto, the deal will include a buyout.

CDL Intel added to the report stating that the buyout “was huge”.

Arcitys was made a restricted Free Agent by Atlanta FaZe on August 18. The move came during the OpTic Texas drama, which involved them temporarily dropping two of their players.

It happened when it became apparent that either Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal or Brandon “Dashy” Otell would be available for the team to pick up.

The relationship then appeared to be unsalvagable, leading to Arcitys remaining a Free Agent.

Vanguard criticism

Sanderson was subject to a lot of criticism during the Vanguard season. Many seemed to point fingers at him for FaZe’s consistent second-place finishes during the season.

Fans criticised his play during the Vanguard season, with the rest of his team regularly out-slaying the former Chicago Huntsman player.

Out of all of the players on the Atlanta roster last season, Alec had the lowest K/D, standing at 0.96. The game is not and will never be completely about the K/D ratio of a player.

Alec would bring fantastic intangibles to any roster. His presence and leadership have been a huge boost to the teams he’s played for over the last four years.

The team were unable to take the final step on Vanguard. They finished second at Champs and at three of the four Major events of the campaign.

The first roster change for LAG this offseason

Arcitys will be the first addition to the LAG roster during the Rostermania period.

The team signed all of their roster’s team options bar Peirce “Gunless” Hillman.

Signing Arcitys may now lead to the team making a change elsewhere. They have valuable pieces in their roster including SlasheR, whose role may clash with the incoming Arcitys.

According to CDL ScrimIntel, the alleged LAG roster for the upcoming season will consist of Arcitys, Huke, Neptune and Spart.

That roster would indeed leave SlasheR without a place on a starting roster, probably leaving him in need of a transfer of his own.

No player can even sign a deal until midnight tonight (August 21), with the new season officially beginning then.

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