Asus have revealed a Republic of Gamers monitor with a 500Hz refresh rate. It is unsurprisingly being marketed towards competitive gamers.

It isn’t on sale yet but the 24-inch Asus monitor will be the first of its kind. The company has led the world in its refresh rate innovations over the last decade.

It will be a 1080p monitor, with the resolution suffering as a result of the focus on refresh rate.

That won’t matter to esports athletes though, as many don’t bother playing on high resolutions anyway.

We are, in fact, just two years on from them revealing a 360Hz monitor. Those were on display at last year’s Dota 2 World Championship.

That monitor was $700 (£560) when it was released. You can probably expect similar, if not, slightly more expensive prices for this new version.

Several players have stated that refresh rate is one of the most important aspects of a gaming monitor, especially when it comes to tactical shooters such as Valorant and CS:GO.

The new Asus monitor uses NVIDIA G-Sync in order to bump up its refresh rate and retain the clarity that many see with their current monitors.

Asus said in their announcement: “In competitive, intense firefights, every single millisecond counts.

“The ROG Swift 500Hz draws frames more than eight times faster than typical 60Hz displays in a single second.

“We’ve also included an enhanced Vibrance mode, specifically tuned for esports, built into the monitor’s firmware.

“This mode allows more light to travel through the LCD crystals, giving colors new levels of vibrancy and allowing you to pick out details and highlights that might give away an enemy’s position.”

The ROG Asus Swift 500Hz monitor should release later this year.

Photo via Asus

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