AYM Esports beat fellow Spaniards ROKKR Academy in the EU LCQ to qualify for Challengers Champs.

They will represent Spain and the EU region at the event.

Their total number of PPs means that they have been able to secure the [5] seed at the event.

The Roster

Playing roster

EriKBooM (Erik Ferrer, SPA)
Yako (Ivan Rodriguez, SPA)
JurNii (Juan Gonzalez Munoz, SPA)
SupeR (Diego Escudero, SPA)

Coaching Staff

Guille (Guillermo Gonzalez, SPA) – Team Manager
Sikotik (Gonzalo Galan, SPA) – Head Coach

These boys have been top names in the EU Challengers scene. They have mixed and matched teammates over the years but they have come together this campaign to be one of the best teams in the region.

EriK, Yako and SupeR teamed for a while in Cold War but have spent the entire Vanguard season together since the Elite Stage 1 qualifiers.

EriK has been competing since Infinite Warfare but really broke onto the scene during Cold War. He, alongside his Spanish teammates, have been constantly terrorized for their incredible online presence and ability to use connection to their advantage but it does not take away from their ability.

JurNii, although never playing for the starting lineup, was on the books of Atlanta FaZe through the first year of the Call of Duty league.

He managed to take home the Challengers Champs in NA with his Atlanta FaZe Academy team that season.

SupeR is one of the most enduring Challengers players in the scene. He’s been around since Black Ops 3 and managed to take home his first event win in Infinite Warfare.

His playstyle and skillset helped AYM on the way to qualification to Champs in the LCQ. He dropped a 1.15 K/D in the Grand Finals series that saw AYM clinch their place at Champs.

Yako has also been around since Bo3. He even ended up teaming with SupeR toward the end of that game cycle.

This whole roster, along with coach Sikotik, boast a plethora of Challengers pedigree. They are not to be messed with.

This season

It may not have been a season of many wins but it has been one of consistency.

AYM have had an interesting season this year but just like through the Cold War season, this season has, without doubt, been a successful one for the team.

The former Sukry’s Bakery roster formed just in time for the Elite Stage 1 qualifier. They managed to qualify from that bracket before placing 4th in the bracket play of that Elite Stage.

Stage 2 wasn’t as successful as the team missed out on bracket play but a roster change managed to work out in favour of their roster.

JurNii came into the team in place of Sukry, with a swap between the two Spanish teams swapping personnel.

The change was made after a T16 placement in Minnesota. That move worked wonders for the team as they smashed their way through Elite Stage 3. They managed to finish top of the group stage before coming second in the bracket.

They are coming into Champs on the back of their best result of the season on LAN. The Spanish teams may have struggled on local this season but AYM still managed to grab a T8 in the last Open of the season.

The team then went straight into the LCQ and completely destroyed everyone. They didn’t lose a single map en route to qualifying for Champs.

Looking almost untouchable, they barely flinched during the LCQ. They could have easily been down 2-0 to Aw0babobs Academy after a 250-248 and 6-5 wins in the first two maps in their first series of the day.

Showing true Champion mentality, they managed to see out both and then take apart everyone else to boot.

Round 1 Match

AYM face an interesting prospect in the first match of Challengers Champs. Being the [5] seed, they are in the strange position of having to take on someone with a similar level of PPs.

They will, in fact, be left with the task of taking on the new Iron Blood Gaming [4] roster. Classic, Brack, MohaK and Exceed came together to form a brand new team just on the basis that they would be able to qualify for Champs automatically.

They knocked ROKKR out of their spot in the automatic qualifications and thus will face EriK and co in WR1 in LA.

Iron Blood are a bit of an unknown prospect heading into champs with the little amount of time the four of them have as a team. Although they did come away with the title of the Mutineers Kraken Bounty $3,000 last weekend.

What to expect

Lightning-fast Hardpoint and resilient SnD has been a huge theme of AYM Esports this season, and particularly as they have progressed into one of the best teams in the World over the last few months.

AYM will look to overwhelm their opponents and they could even have underestimation on their side.

It’s well-known that NA players see the EU region as inferior, meaning that JurNii and the rest of the AYM roster could head into the event with a hint of surprise in terms of the quality that they will be bringing to the table.

That being said, they will still face a really tough task with the Championship experience that Iron Blood have. It will be one of the best matches in WR1 for certain.

Challengers Champs is on August 5 and 6 at the Galen Centre in LA.

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