AYM Esports, Toronto Ultra Academy EU, Team WaR and Rokkr Academy have all qualified for Elite Season 3 playoffs.

They will now go on to play in a four-team double-elimination bracket next week.

The winners of the event will take home $20,000 and 15,000 pro points.

AYM were the first team to book their place in the last four, storming through the group phase.

They went into the last day of games with their qualification already secured, sitting pretty at a 5-1 record.

Their last game was against Rokkr Academy in a Spanish derby. The game didn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things with other results meaning that Rokkr had already qualified themselves.

These two teams will come up against each other again in the first round of the upper portion of the bracket next week.

That will be a matchup with a significant amount more on the line.

The other side of the bracket will be filled out by Ultra Academy EU and Team WaR.

Ultra went into the last day of games feeling pretty comfortable. They knew that they were on the brink of qualification.

Even so, the team still quickly dispatched of Sileo Synes to put Team Singularity into the last four.

Ultra have looked super solid in the Elite group, with new addition Joey “Gismo” Owen really turning the tide for the squad – not that they were struggling beforehand.

The last space in the last four was on the line as Team WaR clashed with Invincibles. The winner of the series was guaranteed to qualify.

WaR took the series 3-1 after going a map down, showing that they’re getting back to their best just when it matters most.

The upper bracket semis are:

AYM Esports vs Rokkr Academy
Toronto Ultra Academy EU vs Team WaR

Those matches will happen next week, with the entire bracket being played out over the course of two days.

Elite Season 3 Group Stage Standings

1 – AYM Esports [6-1]
2 – Toronto Ultra Academy EU [5-2]
3 – Team WaR [5-2]
4 – Rokkr Academy [4-3]
5 – Invincibles [4-3]
6 – Sileo Synes [2-5]
7 – Nixuh x ACCL [1-6]
8 – Dizzy’s Rascals [1-6]

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