Berlin has been added to the Call of Duty League rotation for the game mode Control.

Vanguard had been lacking depth in the map pool when it came to control. Just two maps were available prior to Berlin being added.

Tuscan and Gavutu were the only two Control maps in the competitive rotation before Berlin joined the map roster.

Many have had issues with those two maps as Control maps this year, citing issues with spawn points and map design.

Berlin is also available to play in Hardpoint and Search and Destroy game modes.

The lack of new maps to Vanguard with the start of Season 3 will be somewhat lessened by the addition to the Control pool.

General Manager of Call of Duty Esports, Daniel Tsay, announced the change on Twitter.

He said: “We’ve been eager to add maps to our competitive rotation and the pros have been testing map viability for the past few weeks.

“We will be adding Berlin to the Control map pool for #CDL 2022, this will take effect for the Challengers this upcoming weekend as well as the Pro-Am Classic.”

These changes will also be reflected in Ranked Play. The changes will probably be coming with the Season 3 update later this week.

The ACCL will also add the mode to their rotation. It probably won’t be until after the conclusion of the Toronto Cup.

If the teams agree to play with it, then we will see the map in action on Wednesday.

ACCL Founder Joe Preston said: “With so much at stake, I wouldn’t wanna throw a massive curveball in the mix so soon.

“If the players decide they want to play it then that’s cool.”

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