Here are the final placements for all of the 58 teams that took part in the Boston Open event last weekend.


Toronto Ultra Academy NA [1] (Hicksy, Scrappy, Vikul, Assault)


Electrify Steel [15] (Pandur, GodRx, Pentagrxm, Fame)


Toronto Ultra Academy EU [3] (BEANS, Vortex, Weeman, Furiious)


Boston Breach Academy [16] (Censor, Ghosty, Volants, Seany)


Team WaR [2] (Denza, Wardy, HARRY, Maple)

Team Xposed [12] (Clayster, FeLo, Davpadie, Venom)


Iron Blood Gaming [5] (Prolute, Capsidal, MohaK, Exceed)

AYM Esports [8] (ErikBooM, JurNii, SupeR, Yako)


705 Esports [10] (Prestinni, Classic, Royalty, Diamondcon)

Valor Esports x House of WIT [6] (Brack, Mind, Noysii, Zyyral)

D1 Gaming LATAM [19] (Sukry, Traaaix, Ruper, MPThresh) 

Lou Red Wolves [20] (KaTaNi, JuJu, ProMR, Whyeat)


Rokkr Academy [4] (Mettalz, Sukry, Lucky, ReeaL)

Timeless x Standy&Gursh [9] (U1isses, John, Cryptic, Kyzer)

Nixuh [21] (Snakee, Aroma, Shaun, Runner)

Aw0babobs [7] (Chaaxter, Breszy, Cobra, abuzaah)


M9Force [38] (JCrownz, Cherish, Pookie, Bendykunn)

Aim 4 Victory [24] (Darksived, Mochila, Sizkie, Teskiy)

chikn nodle sop [29]

Trash Bros [11] (Jintroid, Mock, Hollow, Wrecks)

Team SMOG [18] (Gusify, Whiz, Bink, Gunsii)

Aw0babobs Academy [23] (Kels, Genesis, JonnyW, BBConor)

Tiny Terrors^2 [30] (Veilleux, Bowser, Kloh, Gobbla)

Katana Gaming [22] (FDzE, j0qa, RossJ, Henry)


Rated Gaming [27] (Mason, Flinched, Feared, Shnopsh)

Arial Arise x Skyz [14] (Hamza, Niall, Zinx, Proto)

afterMath Esports [26] (MRuiz, Hated, Risky, Apexcitys)

Undertakers [34]

BioToxic Gaming [28] (Phenomm, BigHead, Unit, Decimate)

Lore Gaming [13] (Phantomz, Dak, RambyBamby, ChrisRadial)

Vitalize Esports [25] (JCwyley, Izaac, AliFSA, Divvxll)

IBG x M9 [33] (Beams, Tiny, Deceptixns, Wand)


SwayGG x OutGoing Esports [32] (Praise, Crooked, Jett, Anarchy)

Iron Blood Red [48]

We Getting It [40]

Philadelphia Warhawks [41]

Sway Esports [36] (Neb, Vuhrezy, Xeno, Pandemic)

Distributed and co. [46]


Cynical Esports [53]

Insight Gaming x Team Ricochet [31] (JT, Kez, Seedy, BenW)

#FleezyGang [50]

Burgerland [39]

White Lotus [42]

Dassons Daycare [35]

Nameless [46]

Empyre [17] (Yeez, Silly, Fire, Xotic)

Hyped Esports [43]


Paradox Customs [54] (Paradox, Beastly, Resplex, CriticaL)

Thank God Its Over [51]

Dream Gaming [55]

The Mafia [58]

Northwest Esports [47] (R1LO, Relyks, Brooks, Snrgyy)

PulsiveNA [44]

Secret Gaming [52]

The OhGeez [56]

Wenegade Waiders [57]

VyrusCo [49]

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