For the first time ever, the Call of Duty League teams have been battling it out for $10,000 for winning individual matches as part of Bounty Week.

Top teams from the Call Of Duty League have been battling it out with their top-tier talent to qualify for Toronto Ultra’s Major 3 tournament.

All 12 teams will take to the main stage in Toronto from June 2-5.

There have been many intense matches, showing off these teams’ top players going head to head against each other.

Here are the results from Week 3, Day 1 of the Qualifiers:

  • Seattle Surge vs Paris Legion: 3-1
  • Minnesota Rokkr vs LA Thieves: 3-0
  • New York Subliners vs Boston Breach: 3-1

Week 2 has been nothing short of intense just as these events always are.

This week has been named “Bounty Week” as these teams battle it out for a pay out of $10,000.

With this money at stake, no mistakes can occur. There have been some surprises so far, both during the matches and outside of the matches.

Day 1 surprises:

  • Boston Breach “Full Sail” against London Royal Ravens, 3-1 for the Series
  • Minnesota Rokkr reverse sweep Toronto Ultra for a 3-2 series Victory
  • Havok was voted “Mountain Dew Featured Player” by Call Of Duty fans for securing the victory against Toronto Ultra

Teams that won the $10,000 Day 1, Week 2 of the Qualifiers:

  • Boston Breach, Minnesota Rokkr, Florida Mutineers

Day 2 came with some surprises as well:

Day 2 Results:

  • New York Subliners vs Paris Legion: 3-0
  • Seattle Surge vs LA Thieves: 3-0
  • Minnesota Rokkr vs Florida Mutineers: 3-1
  • Atlanta FaZe vs Boston Breach: 3-0
  • Seattle Surge, New York Subliners win the $10,000 for the day

It will be interesting to see how day three, AKA, Championship Sunday will shape up to be.

The first matchup today will be Paris Legion vs LA Guerrillas, set to kick off 20:00 PM / 15:00 EST.

Today’s only #BountyWeek matchup for $10,000 will be between long time rivals Optic Texas and Atlanta FaZe. That’s starting 21:30 BST / 16:30 EST.

Stay tuned for the full results of Week 2.

Photo via Call of Duty League

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