Put yourselves in the shoes of Carson “Brack” Newberry. You’ve performed as one of the top players in several LAN tournaments over a season and then gone on to win the World Challengers Championship.

You open up your email to see nothing. No offers from any Call of Duty League franchises. You must surely feel hard-done-by.

That doesn’t seem right whatsoever.

Whilst Beans, Wardy, Scrappy and Vikul are all getting their rightful chances of competing in the Call of Duty League, Brack has seemingly been forgotten.

He was one of the most consistent and most impactful players throughout the entire Vanguard season.

Now, he’ll more than likely have to duke it out in Challengers competition for another year, with the hope of making an even deeper impression than he already has.

His quality even made him the only player not from the Toronto Ultra Academy NA to make it into our Team of the Year.

Even if you just look at the face value of his year, he’s put up great numbers in-game. He finished Challengers Champs with a 1.13 K/D having played more maps than any other team at the event.

Brack has taken his teams to the top and he’s managed to stay there all season long.

Toronto history

The finals of Challengers Champs was almost like a revenge tour for Brack.

He was part of the five-subsitute roster that Toronto Ultra had at the start of the Modern Warfare season. Ultra didn’t give him a chance at any point that season. He spent the year occupying a bench role for the team.

Consistent set-backs that Carson has had to deal with only serves to prove his character. The drive that rejection provides you with is like no other and his upward trajectory throughout Cold War and Vanguard proves that.

If teams want to point back to Modern Warfare and think that Brack won’t fit their plans because he didn’t make a mark back then, then more power to them.

But those are more than likely the same teams blowing their rosters up based on the Vanguard season – a year of competitive Call of Duty played on the worst CoD title in history.

Playing as a Flex/AR, Brack has not only demonstrated time and time again that he can hang with the best of the best, but that he can lead his teams to glory too.

Expansion is absolutely needed with the amount of talent that is surfacing in the Call of Duty world. If there were to be an expansion this season, then Brack would be one of the first names on a 13th roster.

He absolutely deserves to be in a position where he can compete in the league. If he has to go back through the Challengers gauntlet to continue to prove himself, then the mentality that he has already established will no doubt shine through.

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