UPDATE: pplehx has admitted to using hacks

Twitch streamer and Call of Duty player pplehx has admitted to using hacking software after being caught with red boxes on his screen on stream.

He apologised for using the cheats in a Twitlonger.

He said: “I’m sorry for disappointing the community but I have to start by saying I made a mistake last night on stream.”

He backed up his previous claim that the hacks were on his system because of a camo unlock tool.

He added: “Those were blatant boxes and I did get caught but as dumb as the excuse sounds I was honestly started getting the hacks for camos.

“I started playing challengers, I had a team after getting rounded almost every Challengers Cup. I didn’t have enough pro points to be playing with players that I thought were my skill level.

“I grinded my ass off when ranked play came out and fucked my sleep schedule and grinded 10-15 hours a day to show who I actually was.”

pplehx also made a commitment to no longer using the hacks going forward but also is now considering his position as a content creator and competitor.

He said: “I know this is wrong. I am not sure if I will ever tweet on this account or stream, BUT if I do I will forever monitor cam and show that I am not hacking and I am better than the actions I had took as I will also show myself at LANs if I get the opportunity.”

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Footage has emerged of Call of Duty ranked player “pplehx” supposedly cheating.

He is currently ranked number two on the Call of Duty: Vanguard Ranked Play leaderboard.

The video shows what looks to be wall hacks on pplehx’s stream.

In the video he calls it a “crash” as the game freezes for a moment, exposing the supposed cheats.

The cheats on show give the player the ability to see where they are positioned, giving a completely unfair advantage to the player.

Playing a map such as Tuscan, on a game with such a short time to kill, it can be near-impossible to combat this kind of hacking.

Reaction has been overwhelmingly against pplehx, with several professional players calling him out.

Cheen, formly of the Los Angeles Guerrillas voice fury at the fact that pplehx would say “GG” following every map.

Former Florida Mutineers player Slacked, called him “pathetic”.

He has since deactivated his Twitter account, notably before addressing these accusations.

According to pplehx himself, he obtained the cheats to get the diamond weapon camo. He said that he “didn’t know how to turn them off.”

Call of Duty recently revealed the skill rating distribution of the ranked playlist. Less than one percent of players make it into the top 250.

The revelation that pplehx could be cheating has left many in the community wondering about how many other players are cheating.

Photo via Activision

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