With just one weekend left to go in qualifiers for Major 3, who tops our CDL Power Rankings?

1 – OpTic Texas

OpTic Texas are by far and away the best team in the league. They’ve suffered this split with the loss of Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal, but they haven’t missed a step.

Byron “Prolute” Vera has come in and looked like an absolute sensation. He’s even prompted conversations that he should be moved to the starting roster ahead of iLLeY.

OpTic had to face FaZe this weekend and absolutely destroyed them in all three respawns, solidifying their place at the top of the CDL Power Rankings.

2 – Atlanta FaZe

Prior to their loss against OpTic, FaZe were 6-1 in map count in Major 3 qualifiers. They haven’t quite looked like the same unstoppable force that they were in Cold War, but they are right up there with the best.

It’s hard to decipher where every team should lie between FaZe and the bottom, but they are most certainly the closest to usurping OpTic as the best team in the league.

Even then, they’re still quite a way away from doing that.

3 – Minnesota Rokkr

The undeniable stars of Major 3 qualifiers. Rokkr are 4-0 heading into the last week of action before heading north of the border to Toronto.

They’ve not played any top tier teams yet in that run and a matchup with Atlanta FaZe this weekend will give a better gauge of where they truly are.

Their resurgence since Colt “Havok” McLendon came into the roster has been fantastic.

4 – Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra look like they’re finally getting their act together this season. They were one of the top two teams in Cold War but have struggled all season so far in Vanguard.

They’re currently 2-1 in Major 3 qualifiers but could easily have been 3-0 if it wasn’t for a tight game five loss against the Minnesota Rokkr.

Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst made his Ultra debut last weekend with a fantastic outing in a win against NYSL. He’s definitely destined for the league in some capacity.

5 – New York Subliners

NYSL came into Major 3 qualifiers with their tails up after winning the Pro-Am at the start of May. Many people tipped them as being the third best team in the game but that is proving not to be the case.

They’re currently sat on a 2-2 record with the squad struggling to get online results over the line. Ian “Crimsix” Porter dropped 18/42 in one map against Toronto in a 2-3 loss against Ultra.

Their other loss was against FaZe but they still have to beat OpTic if they are to go into Major 3 with a winning record.

6 – Seattle Surge

Seattle are a strange team. They seem to be on the brink of breaking into the top group but have ended up being perennial mid-table occupiers this season.

They’ve beaten Paris and LA Thieves so far in this set of qualifiers, not a difficult task, apparently. Their only loss at this point is a 2-3 loss against Toronto.

They’ve got two very winnable games coming up this weekend as they face a recovering Florida Mutineers team and the London Royal Ravens.

7 – Boston Breach

Early on in Vanguard, Boston looked like one of the teams to beat. They were right up there getting in the mix with the top sides through Major 1.

That’s not been the case recently as they settle into middle-of-the-pack mediocrity. The team are still able show up on their day.

They’ve lost to FaZe and NYSL so far this major, with a terrific comeback win against London in their favour.

8 – Florida Mutineers

The poor Florida Mutineers team tested positive for Covid-19 during last weekend’s qualifiers. That didn’t stop them from beating Major 2 champs, LAG.

They did however, fall to the hands of the Minnesota Rokkr in their final series of the week. All of the squad were feeling under the weather with the virus so that can be excused.

They’ll be hoping to cling onto an upper bracket start at the major in Toronto.

9 – LA Thieves

Having, at the very least, won a series in this set of qualifiers, LAT are already on the rise from their performance in Major 2.

They have, though, lost 3-0 to both Minnesota and Seattle so far this Major. Their only win came against a brand-new London Royal Ravens team.

They’ve got some difficult matchups this weekend, against OpTic and Boston, as they look to not finish out the stage 1-4.

10 – London Royal Ravens

Well. Full sailed against Boston and swept by LA Thieves, London look a shadow of their former selves.

It’s just simply taking some time for Harry “Harry” Payne to settle into the team following his insertion into the starting roster in place of Joey “Gismo” Owen.

The team were set for a victory against Boston Breach too but them allowing the full sail against them really chalked the team’s mental for the rest of the series.

They’ll need to win both of their games this weekend, against Seattle and Toronto, if they are to secure an upper bracket start at Major 3.

11 – LA Guerrillas

From champions of Major 2 to struggling in the Pro-Am and Major 3. Since going on their crazy lower bracket run in Minnesota, LAG have won just a single series.

They were reverse swept in Columbus by the Toronto Academy NA team and have been struggling since.

They’ve only won four maps in Major 3 qualifiers and three of them were against the Paris Legion. Even that went to a map five, too.

12 – Paris Legion

The worst team in the league by quite some distance. The Paris Legion roster look abject and disinterested at best.

Donovan “Temp” Laroda has been a man on a mission. He’s the only player with their salt in this roster. The individual players may have quality but they do not function as a team.

Paris should blow their team up and pick up a roster of French players. It can’t get any worse.

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