Doug “Censor” Martin and his team have been forfeited from the upper bracket of the NA Challengers Elite Qualifiers.

Admins sent the team to the lower bracket after Johnny failed to turn up for the match.

Johnny couldn’t make it into the lobby due to internet issues and the time limit for him to fix his problems passed.

3Kingz Gaming (Wand, HamzaFrosty, Volants, Whiizdom) now have a free pass into WR2 of the bracket.

Censor tweeted saying that he was “heartbroken” following the decision but the team quickly had to pull together a plan for their lower bracket run.

He followed it up by tweeting at Clayster. Clay has been without a team since being dropped by the New York Subliners.

He was dropped on March 18. PaulEhx was put into the NYSL starting roster.

The team hasn’t had much success since but still haven’t considered putting Eubanks back in the team.

TTiny, whose team is the first matchup for Censor and co. in the lower bracket, confirmed that Clayster would be stepping into Censor’s team.

TTiny said: “[I’m] loading into my losers round match for the Elite Qualifier expecting to play oJhnny.

“Just to find out they got a sub and are playing with Clayster.”

Both teams will now have to win a total of four series in order to make their way into the Challengers Elite Season 3 in NA.

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