Challengers Champs is here. For the first time under the Challengers banner, we have a World Championship on our hands.

Teams from all four regions of the Call of Duty world have travelled out to Los Angeles for the biggest tournament of the year.

Previously, each region had their own separate Championship event, with varying prize pools.


Whilst the actual Call of Duty league may not have released a graphical form of the bracket for Challengers Champs, here is ours.

WR1 Matches

Toronto Ultra Academy NA [1] vs Point Blank [8]
Team WaR [2] vs D1 Gaming [7]
Toronto Ultra Academy EU [3] vs Team Xposed [6]
Iron Blood Gaming [4] vs AYM Esports [5]

Prize Pool

$250,000 worth of prizing will be distributed between the Challengers teams that take part in Championship weekend.

No team will leave empty-handed.

1st – $100,000
2nd – $60,000
3rd – $40,000
4th – $20,000
5-6th – $10,000
7-8th – $5,000


32 of the best Call of Duty Challengers players in the world will be taking to the stage in LA. These are the rosters of all eight teams that have qualified.

Toronto Ultra Academy NA [1]

Hicksy (Charlie Hicks, ENG)
Scrappy (Thomas Ernst, USA)
Vikul (Javi Milagro, SPA)
Assault (Adam Garcia, USA)

Team WaR [2]

Maple (Jack McCartney, ENG)
Wardy (Elliot Ward, ENG)
Harry (Harry Payne, ENG)
Denza (Bjarne Sleebus, BEL)

Toronto Ultra Academy EU [3]

BEANS (Ben McMellon, ENG)
Furiious (Liam Osborne, SCO)
Vortex (Stephan Allan, ENG)
Weeman (Connor Chilton, ENG)

Read more about Ultra Academy EU here. 

Iron Blood Gaming [4]

Brack (Carson Newberry, USA)
MohaK (Mohak Kumar, CAN)
Exceed (Kaden Stockdale, USA)
Classic (Nick DiCostanzo, USA)

Read more about Iron Blood Gaming here. 

AYM Esports [5]

EriKBooM (Erik Ferrer, SPA)
Yako (Ivan Rodriguez, SPA)
SupeR (Diego Escudero, SPA)
JurNii (Juan Antonio Gonzalez Munoz, SPA)

Read more about AYM Esports here.

Team Xposed [6]

Clayster (James Eubanks, USA)
FeLo (Tyler Johnson, USA)
Prestinni (Preston Sanderson, USA)
Venom (Carlos Hernandez, USA)

Read more about Team Xposed here.

D1 Gaming [7]

Aaron (Aaron Silva, CHI)
Traixx (Nicolas Monaco, ARG)
Couti (Santiago Coutinho, ARG)
ZooNer (Tomas Roda, ARG)

Read more about D1 Gaming and the LATAM Challengers here. 

Point Blank [8]

Lymax (Aaron Butcher, AUS)
CronusKun (Kai Pearson, AUS)
Immense (Alek Durdev, AUS)
Jazhn (Kori Mounsey, AUS)

Read more about Point Blank and the APAC Challengers here.

How to watch

Unlike the Call of Duty League broadcast, not every match from Challengers Champs will be broadcast.

Only half of the WR1 matches, LR1 matches and LR2 matches will be broadcast.

That means that fans will miss out on four of the 14 matches that will make up the Challengers bracket.

Matches will be broadcast from 10:30 PT (18:30 BST) on Friday, August 5.

The broadcast will run on Youtube. 

Stay tuned to The Rotation for comprehensive coverage of both Challengers and Call of Duty League Championship Weekend.

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