FDzE at Challengers LAN

The Challengers schedule continues to move at 1,000mph. It’s already time to look forward to the first matches of Elite Stage 4 in EU.

There are new faces in the Elite this time around and some very familiar ones too. There’s roster changes and moves too.


The eight teams that have qualified for Elite Stage 4 in EU are made up from two groups of four.

The first four qualified from being in the top four of Elite Stage 3. Four also qualified from the Elite qualifier bracket last weekend.

Toronto Ultra Academy EU


AYM Esports


ROKKR Academy


Team WaR






Dizzy’s Rascals


Katana x Ricochet


Roster changes

The big boys have been forced to come to the table in terms of roster changes for this Elite Stage.

London Royal Ravens have forced Ultra EU into making another change. Them taking Joey “Gismo” Owen back into the starting roster means that they were left down a player.

Rather than taking Harry “HARRY” Payne back onto their roster, they opted to make a deal with Team WaR. They managed to secure the services of Connor “Weeman” Chilton.

Team WaR, alongside bringing HARRY onto the team, will also add coach Ricky Atura to their setup.

There was talk of a second inter-Spanish transfer of the season but that hasn’t materialised, with AYM and ROKKR sticking how they were. Both teams will be raring to get back to online competition after falling flat in Toronto.

As for the teams qualifying for this stage. Invincibles have been stuck together for a long while now.

Team Aw0babobs have also stuck it through after Toronto. They put in a decent effort on LAN and will contest their first Elite Stage of the season.

The other two teams, Dizzy and co. and Katana x Ricochet have both got very similar rosters that they have boasted all year.

Small tweaks from Toronto and past events and now they’ve worked their way into the Elite.

What to look out for

The format of the Elite is very unique. All eight teams will play once against each other before forming a four-team bracket playoff.


With the sheer quantity of games played in the Elite, shocks are almost guaranteed. Last season the Spanish were upset on a couple of occasions.

Keep an eye on the Katana x Ricochet roster, with them getting through to the Elite this time around, they’ll be coming into it with a point to prove.

Aw0babos to the playoffs

The roster of Chaaxter, Breszy, Cobra and abuzaah, on paper, looks one of the strongest in the tournament.

Paul “Breszy” went over to NA and dominated the Challengers competition across the Atlantic. He was part of the Texas Nation team that won seven consecutive Cups.

Cobra has been fresh onto the scene this year by the looks of it but he has taken everything in his stride.

Chaaxter knows what it takes to win, with the ACCL Spring Invitational to his name in recent months. He beat a team containing fellow Elite bracket qualifier, FDzE in the Grand Finals of that tournament.

They are the team that will go on to surprise a few people in terms of their ability to compete at the highest level of EU competition.

Another Toronto title

This Toronto Ultra Academy side have gone through the ringer this year. They have had the rug pulled out from underneath them by London on several occasions.

The team have had to struggle with not having a set roster and they’ve adapted to changes on the fly multiple times.

That strife has built up an incredible resilience in the team, and despite a perhaps disappointing performance in Toronto, the addition of Weeman will be music to the ears of the players and coach Joshh.

It is completely typical of this team to take the struggle that they face and throw it back in the face of the competition, don’t be surprised if they secure back-to-back Elite stages.

Elite Stage 4 starts tonight (June 14) and runs over the next three weeks before all of the Challengers teams take to Boston for their third and final Open event of the season.

This stage of the Elite is looking like one of the tastiest and tightest that we’ll get all year. Let’s see if the teams can round out the season with a bang.

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