D1 Gaming will be the first LATAM team to compete in a Challengers Championship event.

They qualified for Champs during the LATAM region’s LCQ. Prior to this season there was no Challengers system in the LATAM region.

Now we have three Argentines and a Chilean heading up to LA for the last event of the season.

The Roster

Playing Roster

Aaron [Sukry] (Aaron Silva, Chile)
Traixx (Nicolas Monaco, Argentina)
Couti (Santiago Coutinho, Argentina)
ZooNer (Tomas Roda, Argentina)

Coaching Roster

Pajson (Pavao Kezeric, Croatia)
Silly (Justin Fargo, USA)

The regional bounds of the Challengers system really messed around with the D1 Gaming roster. In reality it could look quite different heading into Champs if it weren’t for several moves over into the NA region.

Rodrigo “Ruper” Armendariz and Mauricio “Thresh” Hernandez were both huge parts of the old D1 Gaming roster. The LCQ event was the first event that this four have played together.

Couti was previously on the EMG Esports and Masters Ecuador. ZooNer was on Team SMOG up until March.

It won’t be easy having to play at the biggest tournament of the year with two new members of their roster but they will be confident after winning the LCQ in the manner that they did.

Silly will also join up with the team for Champs as part of the coaching team. He has been around for years in the scene and understands the meaning of winning at a fundamental level.

His involvement will only improve the roster’s chances heading into the event.

This season

The early parts of the Challengers season were dominated by Aaron. He managed to take home four of the first eight Cup competitions on the former Skull Cracker roster.

The team were picked up by D1 for some of the bigger events of the year.

They placed T24 in Minnesota, T32 in Toronto and then put in a wonderful effort in Boston. They managed to secure a T12 finish, beating EU roster Nixuh for the privilege.

Several, if not all of these players will be wanting top make the move over to the NA region for next season.

They’ve already shown that they can do it on the NA stage. They managed to qualify for Elite Stage 4 in NA. Even if they placed 8th in the tournament, it was still an incredible achievement for the roster before the changes.

The LCQ was a pretty dominant showing from the D1 Gaming roster. They made a perfect run through the winners bracket, including a win against EMG in the Grand Finals.

EMG then couldn’t even take Grand Finals to a second best of five. D1 easily took the win in a clean sweep in the Grand Final.

Traixx really turned up in that final series of the LCQ. 84 kills in three maps propelled his team to the win and in turn, to Champs.

Round 1 Match

D1 Gaming will come up against the [2] seed, Team WaR.

Much like APAC qualifiers Point Blank [8], the general feeling in the community is that Team WaR should dispatch of them pretty quickly.

WaR have been excellent on LAN this season, finishing second in Minnesota. It couldn’t be much of a harder start for the LATAM outfit in their Champs outing.

What to expect

Another team that is expected to be seen off pretty quickly in the first rounds of the tournament in LA.

This team, though, has already established its ability to see off European opposition.

After beating Nixuh (Aroma, Snakee, Runner, Shaun) at Boston, they’ll be confident knowing that they can beat European teams.

It’s another match where it could be a lot closer than expected, D1 could shock everyone with a top outing against Team WaR.

Even Aaron tweeting acknowledging that it won’t be easy. All that matters is that it is possible.

Challengers Champs begins on August 5. It will take place over two days.

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