EA Sports have revealed this year’s iteration of their Formula One racing sim.

The new title will have simpler branding, going by F1 22, rather than F1 2022, as previously speculated.

The Formula 1 series of games is one of the premiere sporting games in the esports industry.

EA have announced several new features coming with this season’s edition of the game.

New tracks and track changes

The new Miami track that will be on show for the first time at the start of May, will be included with the game on release.

That will come as welcome news to fans of the Formula 1 series, especially after long waits for new tracks in last year’s game.

F1 22 will also include changes to tracks that have been altered in the real world.

Albert Park will now have its changes reflected in game, with the section following Turn 9 all modified.

Yas Marina will finally have its new layout included. The race being the last of the season meant that the Codemasters team couldn’t get the new version of the Abu Dhabi track ready for the 2021 release.

Changes to the Circuit de Catalunya will also be reflected in the game with Turn 10 being changed on the Barcelona track.

Revamped raceday experience

The way that the F1 series works on raceday will be altered in the 2022 title.

Players will now be able to customise their set-up with “new Immersive and Broadcast options that affect formation laps, safety car periods and pit stops.”

Immersive will give players the full F1 experience, having to juggle every decision a driver would have to make.

Broadcast will be the less intense version of the gameplay.

New AI systems will also be in place to help casual fans. Adaptive AI will keep less experienced players in with a chance of winning their offline races regardless of ability.

F1 22 will also include support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vibe virtual reality systems.

F1 Life

There’ll a brand-new mode to enjoy in F1 22. F1 Life will be included in this year’s game.

There’s very limited information about what this mode may include but the understanding is that it will involve a lot of customisation.

It will also see supercars included in an F1 game for the first time.

Esports focus

EA have already confirmed that the 2022 F1 Esports Series will be contested on F1 22.

The team remain committed to giving the game an esports focus, with realism at the centre of that.

The new cars and handling systems that come with them will see similar adjustment from the virtual drivers that were seen on track in the official Formula 1 series.

F1 22 MyTeam updates

This season’s game will introduce updates to MyTeam. These changes will be aimed at those without enough time to work through several seasons of the game in order to compete at the top.

No longer will you be forced to be a backmarker in your first season or two, watching the top teams breeze past you with ease.

The new options will dictate starting budget, with “Newcomer”, “Challenger”, “Front Runner” being the options available.

There is still no co-op option for MyTeam but that does remain for the online career.

F1 22 will release worldwide on July 1, 2022.

Photo via EA Sports

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