Dylan “Envoy” Hannon talked up LA Thieves’ chance of making a solid run at Major 3 following their WR1 victory over Minnesota.

Envoy told The Rotation: “Going into this event, our preparation and practice each day has got me feeling like we can make a really good run.

“We match up well against FaZe and just like this matchup, we’ve got a lot to prove.”

The win against Rokkr seems like a statement moment for Thieves, who have struggled for any real consistency all year.

Envoy added: “Super important win for us. We need the points for the overall standings.

“We’re right at that T8 line. Being the underdog has been the story of my career and I like that.”

The series went all the way to the map five, at the end of a day that really dragged on. By the time Envoy sat down with us, it was near midnight.

He told us: “We’ve been at the venue all day but after our IT checks, I took a nap.

“I’ve had matches at this time before in the CDL and I’ve been yawning. The experience of it really paid off and I might start doing this as a ritual.

“It’s midnight right now which is insane. Back in the day when we played loads of matches, sometimes you’d play at 10am and 10pm but you’d be playing all day.”

Beating ROKKR was no small feat. The Minnesota side came into the match on the back of a perfect qualifying campaign.

Envoy added: “They had been looking phenomenal. We knew it was going to be a close series if we were going to win it.

“Our Search has been bad all year and we’ve won both comfortably.

“Colt ‘Havok’ is my son too, like come on, he’s my son.”

Coaching improvements

LAT have looked much improved since adding coach SHANE to the staffing. Their SnD in particular looks far better.

Envoy said: “For us, it’s just cleaning up all of our game modes. We get into cycles where we have lots of chaotic moments. We want to clean them and not having the mistakes.

“When we first switched roles, there was a honeymoon period that gave us a spark of energy.

“Ken on the sub is a better flow for our game and ultimately it’s paid off in our game. We’ve become more consistent, especially practice-wise.”

LA Thieves will now play against Atlanta FaZe for a position in the upper bracket final of Major 3.

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