Kevin “Fame” Bonanno has signed for the Minnesota Rokkr Call of Duty League team as their substitute player.

Fame is part of the Electrify Steel roster that nearly took Toronto Ultra Academy NA to a second best of five in the Grand Finals of the Boston Open.

He stood out as the dynamic force behind that roster. It is clear that he deserves to be in a position to be signed officially to a team.

They couldn’t get the job done in map five against Ultra but it still ended up being a valiant performance. The team came into the event as the [15] seed, so an appearance in the final match of the weekend was a fantastic result.

The announcement comes at a strange time, with just two tournaments left of the year.

Despite the timing, Rokkr coach Brian “Saintt” Baroska thinks it’s important for Fame to be on the bench.

He said: “If anything happened with someone getting sick or being unable to play – which has happened to other teams this season, sometimes you’re going to need a substitute player to come in.

“With how much is on the line right now we thought it would be good to get Fame just due to how flexible he is as a player and how he has been performing.”

Assistant coach Dan “Loony” Loza also commented on the ease of bringing Fame into the team.

He added: “He started the year as an AR player and then with his current team, Electrify Steel, he’s been using an SMG. It was an easy pickup for us.

“It’s best to have a player that is actually good at the game in our back pocket. We want someone who is viable. He’s been performing at the last two tournaments.”

Major 4 takes place this weekend in New York. Champs is the season’s last tournament, in LA in three weeks’ time.

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