FaZe have bounced back from their fourth 3-0 loss in Call of Duty League history.

They have beaten the Los Angeles Guerrillas squad to take themselves to a winning record heading into Major 3.

The match got off to a shaky start for the Atlanta roster. Cuyler “Huke” Garland started on fire.

He posted a 33/20 on Bocage Hardpoint to start the series. A map that before yesterday (May 27), FaZe had an [8-1] record on.

Now they’re sat at [8-3], possibly a map that is slipping out of their map pool.

Peirce “Gunless” Hillman had a shocker on Desert Siege. He managed not only to drop a donut in terms of getting zero kills in the map.

He also managed to not deal a single point of damage to anyone on the FaZe roster.

McArthur “Cellium” Jovel finally stepped up on Gavutu Control. He’s struggled in the last couple of series that FaZe have played but he showed his undeniable quality once more.

His 27/15 in the map propelled the team to a narrow 3-2 win on the map, although 3-2s are pretty common in Control this year.

FaZe managed to close out the series in the fourth map. They weren’t taking any risks when it came to the series.

It was closer than the Bocage Hardpoint that came before it but FaZe managed to flex their teamwork to get the result done.

LAG have won fewer CDL points (60) in qualifier matches and Major 1 than they did just in their run at Major 2 (65).

They’ll more than likely start from the lower side of the bracket in Toronto next week.


Bocage Hardpoint: 156-250
Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-1
Gavutu Control: 3-2
Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-193

Photo via Call of Duty League

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