FaZe Clan are the first team to book their place in the grand final of the PGL Antwerp major.

They beat Team Spirit 2-0 in order to secure the chance to play for the $500,000 grand prize.

In the context of the entire series, map one on Mirage seems inconsequential but it was still a tight affair that FaZe could only win by three rounds.

The tightness of that first map set the tone for the whole series.

Dust2 was an absolute spectacle in map two. The two teams traded blows back and forth throughout. Right up until they finished regulation tied at 15-15.

Overtime came and went twice with the teams effectively playing out a third map as part of map two.

Boris “Magixx” Vorobiev kept his Spirit team in the map with a crazy 1v4 clutch in the first overtime period.

FaZe Clan managed to turn the tide in the third overtime as they finally managed to secure a win in a T round to put themselves in pole position to take the win.

Spirit were a single round away from forcing the game all the way to a fourth overtime but FaZe Clan saw the round out without getting any kills against them.

Helvijs “Broky” Saukants really stepped up in the second map in order to send his team to the finals of the tournament.

FaZe will go on to play the winners of the other semi-final tomorrow. ENCE face NaVi later on this afternoon for the right to play in the final.

Spirit exit the competition at the semi-final stage. They take home $70,000 as a consolation prize for their efforts in reaching this part of the tournament.

Photo via PGL

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