The Toronto Ultra fans had let everyone know they wanted their home team to win against Atlanta FaZe. They were booing the away team, Atlanta FaZe.

This set the stage for FaZe vs Toronto.

Map 1 was Bocage Hardpoint. Many trades occurred during the entirety of the map. This was showing the fierce rivalry between the two teams.

With the major help from their talented team and holding down the rotations, FaZe won map 1 250-213. They weren’t letting the taunting get to them.

Desert Siege Search and Destroy was map 2. Toronto would prove to out play the out-of-towners in the SND.

With the ace from Jamie “Insight” Craven, Toronto got their at home win with a big blowout 6-1.

FaZe wasn’t letting the loss stop their momentum. With many multi-kills from aBeZy and McArthur “Cellium” Jovel, as well as the defense, FaZe battled it out for the 3-2 win on the map 3 Tuscan Control.

Last map was Tuscan Hardpoint. This either led to a game 5 or got the win in the series for FaZe.

Many multi-kills, strategic set-ups, and notably, a turn on for Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson helped launch the FaZe’s momentum to secure the win against Toronto 250-168.

FaZe won the series [3-1], securing their spot in Saturday’s Winner’s bracket. They are set to play at 21:30 BST / 16:30 EST.

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