Florida Mutineers have beaten Boston Breach after vetoes went their way in their opening match of Major 4.

The Boston team managed to leave two Gavutu maps slip through the veto process. Mutineers’ AR presence has been well documented all year long and it seemed to be a strange decision to chall them on Gavutu.

The same could also be said for allowing Desert Siege to be picked as map two of the series.

In Boston’s defence, they were 2-1 on Gavutu Hardpoint against the Mutineers prior to the series but the 250-153 loss they were handed on main stage will even up that record.

Added to that, they were 3-0 against Florida on Desert Siege. Florida, though, were 0-6 overall on that map in Search and Destroy before the last week of online qualifiers.

The rebound came in map three, just like it did for Toronto in the first series of the day. 

Control turning the tide again

Gavutu control went the way of Boston after an incredibly impressive attacking round from the Breach roster.

Former Florida player Reece “Vivid” Drost managed to be the deciding factor in map three as a mini kill-streak opened up enough time on the B point for his teammates to dive on and secure the cap and the offensive round win.

Berlin Hardpoint was map four. A map that used to be an incredibly strong one for Florida now looks to be one that won’t be in their map pool much longer.

Florida just couldn’t handle the slaying power of the Breach team in that map.

The slight break between map four and map five allowed Mutineers the chance to reset their mental and prepare properly for the Bocage SnD.

They raced out to a 4-1 lead. Boston fought back into the map and even managed to level up the contest at 4-4.

Mutineers clutched up and won back-to-back rounds to win the series and book their place in Saturday’s games.

The Mutineers winning the series now means that London have qualified for the World Championship at the start of August.

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