Quadrant have made the decision to release Sonny “Fragxr” Marchaland from his contract with the team.

The move comes with on the back of a finish in the top eight of HCS Kansas City, and whilst the team are regarded as one of the top outfits in Europe.

Fragxr was on the roster since September 2021, and was part of the team before they were even under the Quadrant name.

Quadrant announced the surprise move on Twitter. Fans have questioned why the roster change is happening but no other information is available at this time.

The Twitter statement said: “Today we say goodbye to Fragxr as we release him from his contract.

“[He can] pursue other options. We would like to thank you for representing us with the utmost respect and for your hard work throughout.”

Fragxr is yet to react to the news of his release. Quadrant taking him out of the team in this manner may mean that there is something larger afoot.

The team didn’t win any of the pro series events in the first split of 2022, which perhaps could be the reasoning behind the change. Even still, it still seems to be a hasty one.

Fragxr will be replaced by Paul “NURIX” Villemont. NURIX was previously in the team but had moved to a coaching role in February.

He now moves back into the starting roster as the team targets a solid finish at DreamHack Valencia at the start of July.

Being rightly considered one of the top Halo teams in Europe, they should be expected to push it all the way to the top when it comes to that event.

Photo via Quadrant

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