Valorant franchising is set to come into action in 2023. Riot Games have now announced changes to the league system.

Riot are introducing a pyramid structure to the competitive system. Huge global events will remain at the top of the pyramid.

New Valorant franchising pyramid
Photo via Riot Games

Franchised three-way split

Valorant will split into three franchised leagued. League matches are going to be played on LAN, with teams hand-picked by the developers.

The three leagues will be based in the Americas, Asia and in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

The LAN events that these league take place at will also be in front of live audiences. Riot will confirm venues in due course.

Riot will choose teams through a “selective application process”. They also say that any teams chosen will become “long-term partners”.

Riot will also help partially fund the teams that end up being part of Valorant franchising.

Whalen Rozelle, Head of Esports Operations at Riot Games said: “We are setting up our long-term partners for success by forgoing any entry or participation fees for selected organizations.

“Our aim is to free our partners to invest their resources in supporting their pros and growing their fanbases through creating incredible content for fans.”

New competitive mode

As part of the new approach, Valorant will add a new competitive mode to the game.

This will allow for more players to get the chance to play their way through the ranks, into a position where they can play for a pro team.

The top teams from this mode will fill up the domestic leagues. The second-division of Valorant competition.

Ranked mode will still continue to be in the game and will run alongside the new competitive playlist.

Photo via Riot Games

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