Riot Games have awarded FunPlus Phoenix the lowest possible placement rewards for the VCT Masters Event in Reykjavík.

Due to the ongoing situation in eastern Europe, some of the FunPlus Phoenix players would have been unable to travel to Iceland to take part in the event.

Riot Games have decided to award FunPlus with a $25,000 prize, along with 200 pro circuit points – the same that they would have gotten for placing 8th at the Masters event.

Team Liquid, who have replaced FunPlus at the event, will still win full prize money for their placement.

They will not get the 55 circuit points that they won for finishing 4th at the EMEA playoffs.

Valorant Challengers Tour Masters 1 starts on April 10. Eight teams will play in two groups of four.

Play-offs will consist of the top two teams from each group and the four teams already qualified for the play-offs through rankings.

Those four teams are: Loud, G2, Papa Rex and The Guard.


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