FURIA have booked the second-to-last place in the PGL Antwerp quarter-finals, sending G2 home in the process.

The match was an incredibly tight one, going back and forth throughout.

Vertigo and Inferno were both really close maps. G2 took a lead into the break on Vertigo, but the advantage of being on the counter-terrorist side paid off for FURIA.

They took map one. Simultaneously, they put themselves within just a single map win of booking a place in the Champions bracket of the Major.

G2 wouldn’t go down quietly though. They managed to make sides work for themselves on Inferno. They kept it close through the first half before squeaking the victory on the map.

G2 won that map 16-14, a lot closer for comfort than they would have hoped.

Inferno was a questionable pick from G2, seeing as FURIA have looked incredibly comfortable on the map in recent months.

G2 saw it out though and managed to force the game all the way to a third map, Ancient.

KSCERATO very nearly kept FURIA in the map. He nearly forced it to overtime but had his 1v4 clutch denied by the last G2 player alive – JACKZ.

Final map tension

Another map where winning as many rounds on the CT side as possible is really vital. G2 managed to take 10 in the first half, roaring out to an 10-5 lead at the break.

FURIA made it work even more for them after half though. They won 11 of 12 rounds after the break to book their place in the Champions Bracket.

Despite being outslayed by a couple of kills, they took the map 16-11 to make it through.

They’ll now continue their Antwerp Major run in the Champions Stage, which starts on Thursday (May 19).

Just one match is left to round out the Champions bracket.

Imperial face off against Copenhagen Flames for the last bracket spot.

You can watch that matchup here.

Photo via PGL

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