G2 have completed a fantastic lower bracket run in order to take home the LEC Spring Playoffs title.

Rogue were the final team to fall at the hands of G2, with Broken Blade and co. taking the final series of the tournament 3-0.

G2 were in a position to make the winners semi finals on Saturday but they couldn’t see themselves beyond FNATIC.

THE lower bracket run

What then ensued was one of the greatest lower bracket runs in the history of esports.

The team proceeded to perform a clean sweep of some of the biggest and best teams that the League of Legends European Championship has to offer.

First up on the docket for G2 was Team Vitality. Vitality came into their lower bracket round two matchup on the back of a game five win over EXCEL.

They didn’t have everything go their way instantly. Vitality looked like they had taken advantage early into the first game but G2 game roaring back despite the early kills from their opponents.

It was an incredibly tight game and had the indication that the whole series could be a tight one but G2 made that not the case. They dominated the rest of the series to take their first 3-0 win.

Misfits Gaming were next up for them to take on. They were swept aside with another 3-0 win.

The it came back to FNATIC. The team that beat G2 in the winners bracket had dropped down to the lower half of the bracket after losing in the winners final.

The lack of momentum that FNATIC had really ended up being the biggest problem. G2 came into the match with their tails up. They managed to see it through to a perfect 9-0 record in the lower bracket.

Rogue were the only team left in the bracket that hadn’t faced G2. They were the ones tasked with stopping the immovable object that was G2.

They couldn’t do a thing, despite having their free choice of sides and the advantage from the winners bracket.

G2 swept them too. In turn taking their tournament from disappointment in the WR1 exit, to delirium as they finished their lower bracket run 12-0.

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