Joey “Gismo” Owen will return to the London Royal Ravens starting lineup. He will replace Harry “Harry” Payne.

Gismo had previously dropped out of the starting lineup as a result of personal issues but will return after a successful stint with the Toronto Ultra Academy EU side.

During his time with the team, they successfully qualified for and won, Stage 3 of the European Challengers Elite.

Gismo is one of the brightest and most compelling characters in the League system and many fans grew fond of the player after his brashness and honesty in interviews.

Harry, despite his quality, registered the lowest K/D of any London Royal Ravens player this season, standing at a 0.90.

Gismo will return in place of Harry in time for the qualifiers for Stage 4. London will want to get enough time together as a team before attempting to make a strong run at Champs in August.

Harry will not be returning to the Toronto Ultra Academy EU team. That roster has had its fair share of rug pulling from underneath them this season and they’ll want to be a settled team before Challengers Champs.

Both teams are still in good positions to qualify for their respective Champs tournaments. London currently sit fourth in the CDL standings.

They’ll need to win another three or four series to guarantee that spot in LA at the start of August but could end up being safe regardless due to just one Stage of action remaining.

London begin their Stage 4 qualification campaign on June 25. They will start off with a match against Toronto Ultra.

This should be the first in a line of roster changes that come to both the Challengers and CDL rosters over the coming weeks.

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