The Championship bracket is set for the HCS Major in Kansas City, but which teams are the favourites to come away with the title?

Eight teams will face off in the first upper bracket round, with a further 16 teams battling it out in a gruelling lower bracket format.

The top two teams from each group of pool play go into the upper bracket.

The top four teams from the lower bracket of the open qualifier have been put straight into the first round of the lower bracket alongside the four teams that finished bottom of the groups in pool play.

Fourth-placed teams from the pools will join the action in LR2. Third-placed teams will join the bracket at LR3.

Upper Bracket Round 1

OpTic Gaming vs Acend

eUnited vs Kansas City Pioneers

Sentinels vs Quadrant

Cloud9 vs FaZe Clan

Each group has its own properly dominant team in it. Each group has a team that won all four games.

Cloud9, Sentinels, eUnited and OpTic Gaming.

The four teams that have established themselves as the favourites for the competition with their early showing in Kansas.

Both OpTic and Cloud9 stand out as the two teams that should be competing at the end of the weekend.

Neither team dropped a map in the pool play.

Lower Bracket Round 1

The four teams that qualified through the lower part of the open bracket start in the first round of the lower Championship bracket.

Those four teams are:

LOU Red Wolves
Groovy (USA)
Parzelion (USA)
Precision (USA)
ShocK (USA)

Diagram (USA)
Flurriously (USA)
GoldStarBR (USA)
JkVii (USA)

CyKul (USA)
Karmea (PRI)
Neuronical (USA)
Piggy (USA)

Lunny (ENG)
Phlux (ENG)
Riotz (ENG)
Snakey (ENG)

They will play up against the bottom four teams from the pool play stage. The match-ups are:

Red Wolves vs Natus Vincere

EasternMediaGG vs The Chiefs

Luminosity vs JLINGZ

BLVKHVND vs Cruelty

These bottom teams from the groups had a grand total of zero series wins between them in the pools.

Chiefs and Cruelty could only win a single map between them.

NaVi struggled in the group of death with FaZe, OpTic and Fnatic.

These teams will have to win at least eight series to win the title.

Lower Bracket Round 2

The four four-placed teams from the pools make up the teams that will start in the second round of the lower bracket.

Those four teams are:

Built By Gamers




These teams will await the winners from the lower bracket’s first round to determine their first matchup in the bracket.

Weirdly, all four of these teams are the four teams that made it through the HCS Kansas City open bracket to play in the pool stage.

They were each one series away from making their way into LR3 but they’ll have to win a series to even get there.

Lower Bracket Round 3

Finally, the teams that split the pools, finishing right in the middle of the groups will start their HCS Kansas City bracket in LR3.

Those four teams are:



Pittsburgh Knights


Both XSET and Pittsburgh Knights manage to make it through to this stage of the bracket despite having negative map counts in the pool stage.

Their heavy losses against the top teams in their pools really counted against them but they won’t care as they forego the first two rounds of lower bracket play.

Fnatic could have easily have gotten out of the pools in the top two if they weren’t in a group with FaZe and OpTic.

G2 will be ruing their map five loss against eUnited, but even a win in that matchup wouldn’t have given them enough to qualify with Quadrant holding the head-to-head against them.

Bracket play is already underway. There are four streams to catch the action on.


You can find the full bracket here.

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