HCS Kansas City, the second major of the Halo Championship Series for Infinite is finally upon us.

It’s the first Major event since the Kickoff Major, which happened way back in December.


The tournament will run from Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1.


The event will consist of three stages.

There’ll be an open bracket stage, with eight teams entering after successes in regional open championship.

Those eight teams will be the teams that start in the winners portion of the bracket, guaranteeing that at least four of them will progress.

There will then be a pool play stage. 16 teams have already qualified and they will be joined by the top four teams from the upper portion of the upper bracket.

The top four teams from the lower bracket in the open qualifier will go straight into the final Championship Bracket.

The top two teams from each group will go on to start in the upper side of the bracket.

Third place in the groups will go into round three of the lower bracket.

Fourth will going into the round two and fifth plays in the first round.


Pool play

These are the 16 teams qualified for the pool play stage of the tournament.

Eco (USA)
Penguin (USA)
Renegade (USA)
StelluR (USA)

OpTic Gaming
FormaL (USA)
Lucid (USA)

KingNick (USA)
Rayne (USA)
RyaNoob (USA)
Spartan (USA)

LethuL (USA)
SnakeBite (USA)
Frosty (USA)
Royal2 (CAN)

Druk (CAN)
SoulSnipe (USA)
Taulek (USA)
Manny (USA)

G2 Esports
Gilk3y (USA)
Sabinater (USA)
Str8 SicK (USA)
Tusk (USA)

Cratos (USA)
Suspector (USA)
Artic (USA)
Suppressed (USA)

FaZe Clan
Snip3down (USA)
Bound (USA)
bubu dubu (USA)
Falcated (USA)

Chiefs Esports Club
Barcode (AUS)
Pipz (PHI)
Slayz (AUS)
Madsy (AUS)

Pittsburgh Knights
Tapping Buttons (MEX)
Atzo (MEX)
Drift (MEX)
Gambino (MEX)

(Timbers Esports are unable to compete due to visa issues.)

Team Cruelty
DanyKnight (MEX)
Rinnegan (MEX)
Dragoniak (MEX)
Nugget (MEX)

Snipedrone (UK)
Lqgend (FRA)
Shaady (FRA)
Sica (FRA)

Natus Vincere 
Kimbo (GER)
Jimbo (UK)
Respectful (UK)
tuf0xy (UK)

Fragxr (FRA)
Shad (FRA)
TchiK (FRA)

JLINGZ Esports 
Septiq (UK)
Quadios (UK)
Morguhhh (NED)
Qristola (IRE)

Open bracket upper side

This is the list of eight teams who will start on the upper side of the open bracket.

Triton (USA)
Hysteria (USA)
Vetra (USA)

toni (USA)
Swish (USA)
PreDevoNatoR (USA)
Squallaye (USA)

Phlux (UK)
Lunny (UK)
Snakey (UK)
Riotz (UK)

IDisarray (UK)
Detain (UK)
Defrag (UK)
Zuh (UK)

Divine Mind
Swayz (NZL)
Beastn (AUS)
Rated (AUS)

Adz (AUS)
Ninjestics (AUS)
aBenjy (AUS)
Dante (AUS)

Team SMOG 
TuTelevision (MEX)
BadKarmaMX (MEX)
Drax (MEX)
ImpactedAsp (MEX)

CintaNegra VISA
Jerry (MEX)
Rivasz (MEX)
Goriloco1 (MEX)
Heavcnly (MEX)

Where to watch

All of the action from HCS Kansas City can be streamed on Twitch.

It will be on Halo’s official Twitch channel, which you can find here: Halo on Twitch

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