Toronto Ultra NA Academy player Hicksy thinks that the Pro-Am is the perfect opportunity for amateur players to show what they can do.

The pro-am will be the first tournament since franchising which will see professional teams come up against their amateur counterparts.

Hicksy’s Ultra NA team are in a great position to make a fantastic impression at the pro-am.

They won the Minnesota Challengers LAN event, beating the now Team WaR in the Grand Finals.

Hicksy told The Rotation: “Jesus, it was class.

“The goal was to get to the pro-am. Everyone wants to win but the pro-am was a bigger thing that winning it.

“Playing against the pros was massive to try and prove to teams that you could play in the pro league.”

The pro-am is a huge opportunity for the 16 amateur players at the event.

They could make a serious case for getting themselves a pro contract with a good performance.

Hicksy made it clear that it’s not just about his own success. The opportunity is there for his teammates too.

He said: “I know that Scrap and I are signed as subs but you have to think about it.

“If we do well, Mo and Javi have a chance of being signed. Scrap and I could have a chance to find that place in the league.

“Major 3 is right after it but it’s still the perfect time for teams to make changes.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of players from the pro-am getting signed.”

Group stage goals

Toronto Ultra NA will take on three professional teams in the group stage of their Pro-Am campaign.

They will face LA Guerrillas, Boston Breach and Paris Legion.

Thanks to winning the Minnesota LAN, they were seeded highest out of the amateur teams.

The Ultra NA team should be good enough to get out of that group but Hicksy wants to keep his goals grounded.

He said: “Realistically we can get out of the groups.

“We got the best group that we could have done and we want to try and get out of that.

“We can still go further but it is only single elim so we could end up playing someone like OpTic, which wouldn’t be easy.

“Getting out of groups is a very good target to set for a start. If we can outdo two pro teams as an amateur team then that’ll be pretty good.”

“I would like to beat the EU team again…”

There won’t be a chance to play against any of the other EU teams until the bracket stage at the earliest.

Hicksy did want to beat one certain player at the pro-am but that’s not going to be possible anymore.

He said: “I would like to beat the EU team again but I’d like to beat London more than them.

“It’s just Joey [Gismo]. I just want to beat Joey.”

Gismo is taking some time back at home in the UK to look after his mental health.

He’s blazing a trail for players to put their mental health first, as it should be, always.

Hicksy added: “I do want to play someone I know. The actual Toronto team or London. That would be good.”

One team that Ultra NA Academy will definitely play is the current CDL Champs, Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Even with the chip in the bag, Hicksy is still confident heading into his match against them.

He said: “It will be good. LAG won the event but I’m not sure anyone considers them to be the best team.

“The stars aligned for them that weekend with the new gun coming in too.

“I’m not saying they’re bad but I just think that people see them as top four or top six.”

Toronto Ultra Academy NA start their pro-am campaign against LAG on Thursday (May 5).

Hicksy will also feature in the second issue of our in-print magazine, with a more in-depth chat on what it’s like to live in Toronto and play for the team.

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