Midway through the Vanguard season and there’s still no information as to where Call of Duty Champs will be held this year.

The Call of Duty League will be expected to make an announcement relatively soon as to where the event will take place.

The latest rumour is that the league will take the World Championship weekend to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whilst marketable, it shows a complete lack of understanding of what is needed in the Call of Duty esports sphere in 2022.

Vegas can be sold to many people as the destination of high stakes action but it’ll be water off a duck’s back to many outside of the US who simply cannot afford the trip.

At the end of the day, one sixth of the Call of Duty League is based in Europe. So, surely, one sixth of their LAN events should be held in the region.

We’ve only had one since franchising, the London home series just before lockdowns in 2020.

Logistical nightmares

With flights from the UK and Europe already rising to near £900 at the bare minimum, players and fans alike will be undoubtedly priced out of the event.

It would be a logistical nightmare for teams in the UK and Europe to get out to Vegas. The west coast of the US is pretty inaccessible unless paying ridiculous amounts of money.

If Challengers Champs is held simultaneously, which is absolutely should be, then it’s going to throw up a huge number of issues.

These EU teams have already been expected to fork out for travel to the states and Canada on multiple occasions this season.

They’ve had the Minnesota event. The Toronto Major is coming up in a few weeks and then Boston is last on the calendar.

UK LAN opportunities

There has been just one LAN event in the UK since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. There will be another held in Newcastle before Champs but it’s still nowhere near enough.

The ACCL and Joe Preston, the founder, have done a wonderful job. They’ve given something to the EU and UK fans that the Call of Duty League seemingly refuse to even acknowledge.

If Champs is not held in London in August, then a firm commitment needs to be made to at the very least hold a Major event in the city next season.

There can only be so much neglect and ignorance shown towards the EU community before the people who lead esports for Call of Duty alienate the entire fanbase.

All the EU region has at the minute is Challengers. An outdated format and no importance on anything other than Elite Seasons has really shown this season that it’s not sustainable in its current guise.

Even then, the number of events was slashed this year. Down from 19 cups to just 13. Opens are also no longer part of the format either, a frankly stupid move from the League.

If Call of Duty were to hold Champs in London, it would at least slight the burden that EU players have had to put up with over the last few years since franchising came into place.

It could even lead to many fans ignoring some of the blatant issues that are present in regional Call of Duty.

You could say that about amateur CoD in general. Even Vikul, of the Toronto Ultra Academy NA team has seen this is recent weeks.

The Spaniard won a 1v3 in Round 11 of a Search and Destroy to secure a reverse sweep. That play didn’t make the CDL’s “Top Five” plays of the weekend. Bizarre.

Why London?

So all of this preamble and you’re probably sat there reading thinking something along the lines of: “Right that’s all good, but why London and not anywhere else in the EU?”

London is the most accessible and most diverse hub for all gamers in the EU region. It would be the most affordable for the most players to be able to get their.

NA Challengers teams can survive making one trip across the Atlantic a year.

The real winners will be the fans though, the London crowd has historically been the best and biggest crowd at any Call of Duty event.

Bringing that crowd into an event the size of COD Champs can only be a good thing. Not only for the public opinion of the league but for the pure atmosphere that it will bring into the arena when it happens.

It would also be of interest for the league to reaffirm their strength in the UK. With the ACCL LAN in Newcastle set for St James’ Park, they need to show that they can host their own events to that kind of level.

If not, they may as well hand over control of all Challengers events to someone like the ACCL and just be done with it completely.

It would be easier for them to wash their hands with the EU CoD scene than to keep leading fans on.

In summary

  • No consideration for EU, APAC or LATAM teams if Champs is in Vegas.
  • EU teams make the trip to the US three times before Champs.
  • All CDL teams based in the US but 1/6th of events should be held in Europe anyway.
  • No EU LAN events other than self-run ones since Covid.
  • The crowd will be insane.

What do you think? Should Champs be in London? Where else would you host it? Let us know.

Photo via Call of Duty League 

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