Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal will sit out the Call of Duty League Pro-Am this weekend.

The OpTic Texas star will be out with a thumb injury, which he will allow to heal naturally.

Ray said: “He has a lump at the end of his thumb. It’s a ball of puss that got infected last week. It’s been causing pain for him.

“We want to give him the extra week off to make sure that he is fully capable and 100% ready to play for Major 3 qualifying matches, because that’s what is most important to us.

“It’s really necessary for us to be transparent with this so you have full information.

“The specialist that we saw said that it was nothing crazy and that it will resolve itself pretty soon.”

In his stead, OpTic will be playing with long-time substitute and successful Challengers player Jordan General.

General has been on a HECZ roster as a substitute since Modern Warfare as part of the Chicago Huntsmen franchise.

He has stick around with the team since then, biding his time and waiting. Now he finally has a chance at showing what he can do in a competitive LAN setting up against other pros.

He was part of the unbelievably successful Texas Nation squad that won seven consecutive Challengers Cup titles.

Ray added: “We’re excited for him to come on board and show what he’s got.

“We still want to be doing well at the Pro-Am, he’s a seven-time Challenger champion so we’re excited. It’s going to be cool to see him play at the top level.”

The Pro-Am Classic runs from May 5-8, involving four Challengers teams that qualified for the event during the Minnesota Major weekend.

Photo via OpTic Texas

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