Jamie “Insight” Craven returned to the lineup as Toronto Ultra continued their impressive Major 3 qualifying campaign with a controlling victory over Paris Legion.

The team had played with Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst last weekend with Insight out with food poisoning.

After the match, Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan said: “It was good playing with Scrap. He definitely taught us some minor things on rotations and setups.

“He definitely helped us last week. It was a nice win tonight so we’re feeling good.”

Insight returned for the game against Paris, allowing Cammy to free up his playstyle.

He added: “I’ve been a bit inconsistent this year and I’m trying to understand my playstyle a bit more.

“Jamie is one of the most consistent ARs in the league, especially in his SnD game. Scrappy played a bit quicker so I had to slow down but Jamie lets me run off a bit more.”

A dominant series

Heading into the series, not many fans gave Paris a chance of winning it. That proved to be just about right as they struggled throughout.

Ultra blew them away in the first half of Bocage Hardpoint. Amassing a gap of over 100 points between the teams in the first rotation and a half.

Paris did come back into the map as it wore on but it was just a case of Toronto letting their vice-like grip slip. They turned it back on and saw out the map with no issues.

Tuscan SnD is a map that Paris are surprisingly good at but the CDL’s only Canadian franchise outclassed them there too.

Insight and Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan both went crazy on Tuscan. They both dropped 10 kills across just nine rounds of action.

Ben “Bance” Bance didn’t even need to do much on the map, registering a 0.43 K/D on the map. Yet his team still comfortably took the map 6-3.

Berlin Control ended in the same, swift fashion. Toronto dominated with Cammy looking like he is finally getting himself back into form.

The loss rounds out Paris’ Major 3 qualifiers. They are the only team in the league not to win a series in this set of qualifiers.

Ultra now book their spot in the winners bracket of their home Major. They will play at least two matches on their home stage in Toronto next week.


Bocage Hardpoint: 250-198
Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-3
Berlin Control: 3-0

Photo via Call of Duty League

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