Iron Blood Gaming come into Champs in a very interesting position. They have a roster that has only played two tournaments together.

Neither of those tournaments were official ones run by the Call of Duty League either.

The team notoriously came together after the Boston Open to squeeze themselves into the fourth auto-qualification spot based on the number of PPs they have as a team.

The Roster

Playing Roster

MohaK (Mohak Kumar, CAN)
Brack (Carson Newberry, USA)
Exceed (Kaden Stockdale, USA)
Classic (Nicholas DiCostanzo, USA)

Coaching Staff

Arian (Arian Chitsaz, ENG) – Coach
Cheek (Ash Chitsaz, ENG) – Analyst
Veohz (William Lachance, CAN) – Coach
Sharp (Aaron Sharp, ENG) – Analyst

This season

All four of the players on this roster have had very successful seasons.

MohaK was on the Toronto Ultra Academy NA roster all season up until the Boston Open.

He was dropped just before the event with Adam “Assault” Garcia coming into the team to replace him.

It was a shock move that surprised everyone in the CoD community but it ended up with Ultra NA securing the Boston Open title without Mo in the team.

Exceed has been on the IBG roster for the longest out of all of the players in their Champs lineup.

When IBG picked up the old 18 and Cracked roster, he was one of the original players.

He teamed with now teammate Classic at Minnesota. It brings this roster full circle from the start of the season to the end.

They managed to grab a T12 finish in Minnesota.

Brack is the only player on this roster to have not played with any of the others so far this season since they formed this new PP team.

Although he also arguably had the most success. He managed to come home with the Toronto Open win alongside 2ReaL, MajorManiak and Neptune.

As a roster, they’ve played twice together. They came fourth in the CoDAgent finals and then took home the title in Mutineers $3,000 Kraken Bounty.

Round 1 Match

Iron Blood face their opposites in their first round match at Champs. They are a newly formed team with little time together.

AYM Esports [5] have been together most of the season and are well documented as one of the best teams in Europe.

In order to come away with the win in WR1, Iron Blood are going to have to be ready to deal with some lightning fast Hardpoint gameplay.

If they do win though, they’ll more than likely be faced with a match against Toronto Ultra Academy NA [1] and a grudge one at that between Mohak and Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst.

What to expect

It’s hard to gauge what to expect from this Iron Blood Gaming roster. They have undeniable quality throughout their team but their lack of reps as a four makes them somewhat of an unknown quantity.

They played fantastic Call of Duty throughout the Kraken Bounty tournament.

Gavutu seems to be the map of choice for this team, they 3-0d Team WaR on Gav control in their run to the Kraken title.

It will definitely be interesting to see how they combine in a LAN setting for the first time as a team.

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