Toronto Ultra Academy EU won Stage 3 of the EU Challengers Elite. Their coach Josh “Joshh” Sheppard wants them to carry their winning run into this week’s Toronto Open.

Joshh told The Rotation: “It’s just about carrying the confidence over, we proved to ourselves how good we can be and now we need to keep on top of that and show it again at LAN.

“We don’t really do anything special, its just about making sure we’ve got everything down as a team so we’re as comfortable and confident as possible to perform at the event.”

The team was changed just before the Pro-Am tournament at the start of May.

Rafi “Rafi” Kazi filled in for the team at the event before Joey “Gismo” Owen joined the team on loan from the London Royal Ravens.

They previously had another London loanee in the team, with Harry “Harry” Payne. The swap from Harry to Gismo has been good for the team according to Joshh.

He said: “The main difference between Joey and Harry is definitely the pace, Harry always performed well just like Joey does but having a bit more pressure on the map has done us wonders.”

EU representation

At the Toronto Open, the EU region is going to be represented far better than it was in Minnesota.

The additional time to prepare and plan for the event has allowed more teams to get out to it.

There are over double the number of EU teams from Minnesota travelling out to Canada.

Joshh added: “It’s always good having our region represented well.

The EU scene has struggled over the years to get the recognition we deserve so the more teams and players who can potentially cause upsets, the better.”

Despite the good feeling towards the rest of the EU teams, Joshh unsurprisingly wants his side to do the best.

“I’d always prefer EU teams to win but my main priority is proving my boys are the best. As long as they’re not in our way, I hope they get the W.”

New patch

The Challengers Open in Toronto will be played on the most recent Vanguard patch, unlike the Pro tournament.

The game changed fundamental aspects of the way the perk system works 30 minutes before the Elite Stage 3 playoffs started.

Joshh said: “Honestly it didn’t change that much. They’ve done a lot worse updates 30 minutes before tournaments but its still not ideal.

“It’s just about keeping our heads and not getting frustrated over the changes they made, at the end of the day everyone has to deal with it.

“We’d rather play on the new patch as we’ve been practicing on it for the last week or so now so honestly its not even a bad thing.

Heading into the event in Toronto, there’s just one thing on Joshh’s mind. That one thing is winning the tournament.

He told us: “Expectations are always to win.

“If anyone ever says otherwise then they’re wasting their time.

“We know we can win and we’ve proved it so its just about executing as we know.”

The Challengers tournament in Toronto starts on Friday June 3. It runs alongside the Call of Duty League Major 3.

Photo via Red Bull

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