Katana Gaming have won the ACCL Spring Invitational, beating Team Ricochet in the Grand Finals to take home the title.

The team won the title in the first best of five in the Grand Finals but it was still a tight affair.

Both sides went into the final match of the tournament having already played each other. They played earlier on in the day in the upper bracket semi-finals.

The first series that they played against each other finished with a narrow victory in favour of Katana, who won in game five.

The second series didn’t reach game five but it was still just as tight.

Every map in Grand Finals could have gone either way but Katana managed to come away with the victory after a back-and-forth outing on Bocage Hardpoint.

The Katana team hadn’t played as a four in a competitive setting prior to the finals day.

They had Ravens player Joey “Gismo” Owen on loan at the LAN event in Sheffield, but his loan deal with Toronto Ultra Academy EU prevented him from finishing the tournament in the squad.

Instead he was replaced by the returning Breszy. He tore up the American Challengers scene in the first half of the season and is now back on EU soil.

The Frenchman was incredible all day as Katana relentlessly tore through the upper bracket and into the Grand Finals.

They managed to make it a completely perfect run by sealing the deal in the first best of five.

Both teams went through gruelling schedules on Finals Saturday and they still managed to put on a spectacle.

You can find the entire bracket for the tournament here.

The winning Katana Gaming roster: 
Gismo (in Sheffield)

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