The LA Guerrillas have won the Grand Finals of the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major. They beat FaZe 5-2 in the finals of the tournament.

The team finished their run at the tournament on the back of 10 straight wins on Search and Destroy. Their teamwork and determination culminated in one of the best lower bracket runs of all-time.

Atlanta FaZe managed to come through the upper portion of the bracket and when they took the first map of the Grand Finals series, it looked like things would be as expected. That expectation was shattered by LAG.

SlasheR, Huke and Asim were all tremendous all weekend but the star of the show is substitute Spart. Kris Cervantez came into the team this week, replacing an ill Gunless for the Major.

The team rallied around the rookie with immense style and gall. They managed to enable him to just play his game.

He also become the first player in the Call of Duty League to use the Volk in a professional match. He absolutely slayed with it and it became a staple in lots of matches throughout the entire weekend.

The win becomes Los Angeles Guerrillas’ first win as a franchise. Their new roster had been underperforming but now they look like one of the proper teams that will expect to be challenging at the top for the rest of the season.

More reaction from Minnesota to follow.

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