LA Thieves become the fourth different Major champion, meaning that this season is the first in CDL history to not have repeat Major winners.

That record even counts if you include the Pro-Am, which was won by Major 4 Grand Finalists NYSL.

It is 100 Thieves’ first chip under the banner of LA Thieves.

LAT took home the crown in frankly astounding fashion.

En route to the Grand Final, they had to beat Atlanta FaZe, not once, but twice.

They took down the defending World Champions in the upper bracket and then again in the lower bracket final.

It earned them a spot in up against NYSL, who had beaten them earlier on during Championship Sunday.

The series was a back-and-forth one with plenty of talking points coming out of it.

LAT struggled to get off the mark with NYSL taking the first two maps of the series.

Bocage Hardpoint is always unpredictable and then we had players busting out never-before-seen spots on Desert Siege as they showed how desperate they were to win.

Thieves then bounced back with back-to-back map wins.

They weren’t just wins either, they were utter drubbing. There was a resounding 3-0 victory on Berlin Control to open up the stage to momentum for Thieves. They then backed it up with an incredible Hardpoint on the same map.

Thieves outslayed their opponents by 23 kills in a quick 250-140 win to get things back to level pegging.

Vanguard gonna Vanguard

There were issues for Dylan “Envoy” Hannon at the end of the Bocage SnD in Map 5 of the series.

He climbed up the ladder into the attic of the house on the map. An in-game glitch then prevented him from firing his weapon properly and it allowed NYSL to clutch up the round and take the map win.

More issues came in SnD later on in the series too. The game had to be stopped multiple times due to an audio issue. That issue also happened to affect Envoy, who managed to keep frying throughout the issues that presented themselves.

The two maps that had problems were separated by Gavutu Control – a map that LA Thieves were 7-4 on heading into the series.

At the start of the season the team joked about not challing them on Gav, and that proved to be what New York should have done too. Thieves blew them away with a fantastic attack round win to seal off a 3-1 victory.

The last map of the series was Tuscan Hardpoint. New York needed to win but they couldn’t get it over the line. They folded to the overwhelming pace and momentum that LA Thieves had built up over the course of the series.

Onto Champs

It’s not all doom and gloom for NYSL though. The team can hold their heads up high after a ridiculous run through to the Grand Finals. They put in everything that they needed to and came away with a Champs berth.

That was the goal at the start of the weekend and it is a goal that they magically achieved. The New York crowd bounced off the players and created an unforgettable environment in which players and fans could thrive in an atmosphere that many of them are born to be in.

Both of these teams will be in action at Champs, starting on August 4. That tournament will be a home tournament for LA Thieves, with the event being held on the West Coast.

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