Supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has announced its first foray into Esports with a brand-new team.

Lamborghini have had representation in esports over the past few years but the new team will be backed by the factory.

The three drivers that the team has picked up are: Jordan Sheratt, Gianfranco Giglioli and Giorgio Simonini.

All three of them have lots of sim racing experience that they will bring to the team.

Sheratt, from South Africa, dominated “The Real Race” series of racing. He won 15 races in the 17-race season.

Giglioli, 24, was part of the inagural season of the F1 Esports Series. He finished 8th in that campaign.

Simonini comes into the team off the back of finishing fourth in 2020’s SRO Esports Championship.

The team will split into two different competitions.

Sherratt and Giglioli are taking part in the GT World Challenge Esports Sprint Series Europe.

Simonini will join both of them when the Intercontinental Esports Endurance Championship starts.

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