Team LOUD are the first-ever Brazilian team to make a Valorant Masters Grand Finals. They have beaten OpTic in three maps.

Map 1: Fracture – OpTic 13-2 LOUD

OpTic dominated the first map of the series. They opened up a quick 6-0 lead and really didn’t look back after that.

They made it through to the half with a 10-2 advantage. Victor finished the first half with a ridiculously impressive 17/6 K/D.

Victor and Yay had their way with Loud in map one, showing the quality that they have in droves.

The momentum that they gained in the first half on Fracture set the tone for the early OpTic dominance in the series.

Three lightning fast rounds in favour of OpTic at the start of the second half was enough to secure the lead in the series.

Map 2: Ascent – OpTic 8-13 LOUD

The Brazilians managed to bounce back emphatically when they took to their best map.

They were 11-0 on Ascent heading into the game and now they’ve taken that one step further to being 12-0.

OpTic looked like they had the advantage at the half, with a slender 7-5 lead in their favour.

LOUD then finally found their regain in the second half of Ascent.

They took eight rounds to OpTic’s one in after the swap and they managed to force the series all the way through to Icebox for map three.

Map 3: Icebox – OpTic 11-13 LOUD

Just like the entire series before it, Icebox was a back-and-forth affair.

Both teams had chances to take control in the map, with LOUD racing out to a 7-2 lead.

OpTic fought back to 7-5 at the half before managing to take the lead at the start of the second half. They led 8-7.

LOUD once again turned the screw and rallied back to a 12-8 lead, with match point there for the taking.

OpTic managed to stay alive in the series for a couple more rounds.

A huge revive play from FNS as they revived Marved in order to use a Viper’s Pit to get the spike down and secure the round.

LOUD called a timeout at 10-12 but OpTic came out charging in the next round.

The kills came through with a touch of favourable timing for Yay on Sacy. OpTic were then just one round away from forcing overtime.

They couldn’t quite do it though as LOUD executed a perfect final round to make their way through to the GFs as the first-ever Brazilian team to make it through to a Valorant Masters Grand Finals.

LOUD now move onto the Grand Finals. OpTic will play against the winner of Paper Rex vs ZETA Division for the right to make it back to the Grand Finals.

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