Natus Vincere (NaVi) have booked their place in the PGL Antwerp final after beating ENCE in two straight maps.

They will now play FaZe Clan tomorrow (May 22) to decide the winner of the second Major of the season.

Nuke was ENCE’s pick to start the series but it went completely against them. NaVi, starting on the CT side, completely dominated the map from start to finish.

They came out of the blocks so quickly in map one, that ENCE took two timeouts inside the first six rounds of the map.

NaVi IGL Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov really showed up on Nuke.

He finished the first map of the series 24/11 with a ADR of 115.4. Crazy stats for someone at this point of a Major tournament.

A stark contrast to that was Olek “hades” Miskiewicz’s seven kills in 23 rounds of action Nuke. He had just a 36.4 ADR in map one.

NaVi picked Dust2 as the second map of the series and this one started out much tighter.

Both sides traded blows in the early stages. NaVi did a fantastic job at keeping the match close despite starting on the T side.

NaVi closes it out in two

Momentum then started to swing in favour NaVi as they strung round after round together. They won nine rounds in a row after being 6-5 down.

They won the last four rounds on the T side and then the first five after the swap to put themselves in an unstoppable position.

ENCE held NaVi for a couple of rounds but managed to see the map out and in turn took the match.

ENCE leave Antwerp placing T4. They take home $70,000 for reaching this stage of the tournament.

Natus Vincere will now play in tomorrow’s grand final against FaZe, the winner of which will take home $500,000.

Series bans:
ENCE removed Inferno
NaVi removed Vertigo
ENCE picked Nuke
NaVi picked Dust2
NaVi removed Overpass
ENCE removed Ancient
Mirage remained.

Photo via PGL

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