Ninjas in Pyjamas went further than they ever have before but it still wasn’t enough.

Their first map win on main stage at a CS:GO Major couldn’t be backed up as they fell 2-1 to FaZe in the first of four quarter-finals in Antwerp.

FaZe really showed their quality on the CT side in this matchup. In map one on Nuke, they went 10-1 after the swap in order to take the lead.

NIP answered with their first ever map win on main stage at a Major. Their quality really shone through as they battled through a close outing on Overpass.

Ropz showed up in map three. Inferno was his playground as he finally showed up. He went 27/13 in order to propel his team to victory.

FaZe won a ridiculous 13 rounds in succession to round out the match, NIP couldn’t touch them after the swap.

One of those round wins was a frankly ridiculous 2v5 clutch. ropz and broky strung together all five kills together in order to keep FaZe’s momentum up.

NIP were 8-3 up but they ended up being beaten 16-8 in their final map of the tournament.

FaZe move onto the semi-finals of the Antwerp Major, they will play the winner of Spirit vs FURIA on Saturday.

NIP crash out of the Major and place in the top eight. They take home $35,000 as their prize for placing so high.

The team is still relatively new to the CS:GO scene and will undoubtedly be back to try and go one step further yet again.

The other matchup of the day is the other quarter-final on FaZe’s side of the bracket.

WATCH: Spirit vs FURIA – PGL Antwerp QF

Photo via PGL

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