Dan “OGRE1” Ryan has signed for G2 Esports as the organisations Halo team manager.

The legendary esports athlete, Ryan initially retired from competition in 2012 before a brief comeback earlier this year.

At 35, he was one of the older players at the HCS tournaments in Australia/New Zealand at the start of the year.

After qualifying for the main event, his team, alongside Benno, Heff and Voltage, finished 7-8th. Once more, the legend hung up the controller.

Now, he’s taking the plunge into team management and with an organisation that is on the brink of being one of the top competitors in Halo.

They placed 9-12th in Kansas City and always seem to be on the bring of breaking into the top 10 teams in the game.

The addition of OGRE1, who has more experience in esports than 99.9% of people, will undoubtedly bring them even closer.

G2 are enthralled by the prospect of bringing OGRE1 on board with the team.

The announcement said: “Today we are excited to announce Dan “OGRE1” Ryan will be joining G2.

“The current G2 Halo roster is currently built around some of the most well known Halo players in recent history.

“[It’s] composed of the best modern-day talent we could hope to find.

“It’s time for us to really dig into the history of Halo esports and revive a beast that still has more to prove.”

Together, OGRE1 and G2 will be looking to try and achieve a solid result when they travel to Valencia for the European summer regional at the start of July.

They will pull on the experience of Ryan. During his time as a competitor, he won 32 different LAN events. A crazy record by anyone’s standard.

Photo via Major League Gaming

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