OpTic Gaming have won their first Valorant title under the GreenWall branding, beating LOUD 3-0 in the Grand Final of VCT Masters Reykjavik.

The rematch between the two teams that contested the winners final on Friday didn’t disappoint. OpTic gaming completed the comeback from the lower bracket in order to take the the title in a clean sweep.

They lost to LOUD in the winners final on Friday but were able to rally themselves to come through the lower bracket and take the title.

OpTic may have taken the sweep on paper but you couldn’t really ask for a closer sweep.

Map 1 – Ascent: OpTic Gaming 13-9 LOUD

The Grand Final started on fire. OpTic caught heat first and ran out to a mammoth lead at the break on Ascent.

They were 10-2 up when the half came and LOUD looked pretty much dead and buried.

It transpired that the Brazilians really did just give OpTic too big a lead in the first half and they couldn’t quite earn their way back into the map.

OpTic took the first map of the series but it was far closer than they would have wanted it to be.

LOUD were 12-0 on Ascent going into the first map of the series but OpTic managed to break that with a terrific performance.

Map 2 – Bind: OpTic Gaming 14-12 LOUD

The first of two back-to-back overtime maps in the series. This was almost a carbon copy of the first map.

OpTic raced out to a nigh-on unassailable lead in the first half with the Green Wall taking an 8-4 advantage into the break.

LOUD fought back from there, winning six straight after the interval to make things incredibly tight.

They then went on to drop four of the final six rounds of regulation, with overtime looming.

yay’s 30/18 gave OpTic the platform that they needed in order to see themselves up to tournament-point.

Map 3 – Breeze:  OpTic Gaming 15-13 LOUD

Another map, another first-half OpTic dominance. They took the exact same lead into the break as map two when the teams took to Breeze.

HECZ’s team managed to once again let go of their 8-4 lead. They let LOUD take eight of the first 11 rounds after half.

LOUD couldn’t get the match point round over the line and OpTic managed to force the second consecutive overtime.

This time the rounds were split and OpTic had to go all the way to 15 round wins in order to take the map. In doing so, they secured themselves the win in the tournament.

The win marks the org’s first win in a Valorant tournament since Envy beat Sentinels in the Champions Tour Challengers 2 in 2021.

Photo via OpTic Gaming

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