OpTic rebounded from being bounced to the lower bracket by taken out by Florida Mutineers. Ant “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro turned up huge for his team as they managed to take out Major 2 winners LAG in three maps.

Shotzzy told The Rotation: “It felt amazing. It always feels good. Last year I was used to everyone booing us because of Porter. Everyone’s going crazy this year and I just love it.”

Ant managed to have a crazy map on Bocage in order to really get things going for OpTic.

He said: “It is like a playground to me, the subs are most impactful on that map. It’s one of my best because I can just roam and no play I can do is wrong.

“It felt good after losing the game five yesterday. It’s all about playing our game and not feeding into our playstyle.”

The reason that they are in the lower bracket is because they managed to lose a map five against Florida Mutineers last night.

Shotzzy added: “We knew that we beat ourselves. Yesterday, we just didn’t want to lose. We were just playing way too safe.

“It’s good to an extent but we just need to play our game. We have to act like it’s a scrim. Whatever is the best play in the moment is what we have to do.

“Having a player like Seth “Scump” Abner is really good because you know that they can take over at any point.”

OpTic will be expected to bounce back and make a huge lower bracket run in the tournament. They face London later on tonight.

Shotzzy said: “Backs against the wall and we know that if we lose one match then we’re out of the tournament. We know that is what we want to do and we want to go on and win this tournament.

“We’ve got to look at everyone as a threat and we have the same mindset going into that. It’s got to be one by one.”

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